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The Emergency Department - Front Door GP service provides GPs in the Accident and Emergency Department as part of the quick triage team. They do a quick assessment on patients - after booking-in through reception - then make a decision on the best service for the patient to receive care or advice.

The Emergency Department Front Door GP service was set up in December 2014 to ensure that people were using the right service for their needs.

Many people were not aware off other options other than Accident and Emergency, so it was felt that a GP assessment would be the best way to ensure a patient is directed to the right care - including their GP,  the Evening and Weekend GP Service, self-care, pharmacy or early pregnancy unit. 

  • Patients will be seen by the appropriate person or service for their needs
  • We can book GP appointments directly with local GPs or the Evening and Weekend GP service
  • Accident and Emergency waiting times are reduced and very ill patients will be seen quicker
  • GPs can assess non-emergency ambulance patients and can direct these patients to a GP or any other appropriate area – or  send people home with advice and guidance
  • Patients are reassured as they are seen by the most appropriate service
  • Patients are educated on the services available to them


Patients book into ED at the reception area they told to wait in the waiting room. One of our GPs will see the patient in an assessment rooms, take a quick history and will then decide if the patient need to been seen in Accident and Emergency or directed to another service

GP assesses some patients that come in by ambulance some of these patients are also directed to the appropriate place.

Navigator (Healthcare assistant)

The navigator works with the GP supporting them with the administration and care of patients.

The role of the navigator is to work closely with the assessment team, as well as the nurses and reception staff at accident and emergency.

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